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This month we have an artist again who earns his money with an alternative business. He is a street musician.
When we go through how often his videos on YouTube were watched, he has to be one of the famoust musicians in the world... His Style is somewhere between D&B, Jungle and Hip Hop. His songs only constist of his own voice and a little bit of electronic.

Some people were so kind to retranslate the interview (naturally the original version was alreary in english *G*) and published it at Facebook.

Die deutsche Version vom Interview gibt es hier.

Christian: Hi Dub Fx! How did you get the idea to combine Beat-Boxing with looping?

Dub Fx: I saw an other person who did it and i tried it. Looping has been around for a while, i only combinated it with my FX-pedal and my songs.

Christian: Are there other artists like you? Was there someone at the Boss Loop Station- Competition who could really get in a competition with you?

Dub Fx: There are some others: Mr. Woodnote, MC xander, bunty loops, ed the green man and so on. There are a lot of people round the world who use loop-machines.

Christian: With a little difference: You use your voice. What do you think about protection of art in general? Do you think COPYRIGHT promotes the creativity or is it a accessibility?

Dub Fx: I think it makes no difference. Copyright was invent by advocates, not by artists.
Musik is ever insperated by other musik - on one or the other side. We should use the wheel and not reinvent it.

Christian: The copyright avoids the distribution of your music at this article. :) When i distribute any song here, i have to pay some to GEMA. So if you don´t like copyright: the advocates are ever one step behind you. :)

Dub Fx:: Maybe you are right, but i really don't know how all of this works. I think this only applies for songs which are promoted on radio or tv. I really don´t know how it works with blogs and interviews.

Christian: You are often act on the street and upload the videos on YouTube. Did you ever get money from YouTube for it? How is the reaction on street?

Dub FX
Foto: Shuvayev
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Dub Fx: I have never uploaded a video on YouTube, not from acts at the street at least. I never got money from YouTube but more people take a look at my own homepage and mayby they buy my cd. This really helped my a lot. I can nearly live from my street-performances but in the last years the YouTube-videos spreaded like wildfire and i have requests from promoters all over the world. They offer me acts in countries i have never been before and i have no booking-agent or a manager, only YouTube.

Christian: The videos from DowdenBoy seem really professional and also have a good sound.

Dub Fx: Yes, we record every street-act. Ben asked me to record me with his fancy camera and offered him the records to round up his film-material.

Christian: You can live from your street performance. This is really cool. But you should definately ask by ARPA, whats about money from YouTube. Your videos were played very often and google generates promotional songs.

Dub Fx: This is a good point. I should ask them about this. On the end of the day i´m really lucky about how i am. It´s not my point to get rich, but if there is money which be entitled to me, i have to ask for it. Thanks.

Christian: I am really interested in what the people from ccmixter.org will make with your songs. Is there any chance that you will upload some songs there?

Dub Fx: I feathfully don´t know this side, i took a short look at it and it look interesting. So, i think i´ll upload some things.

Christian: It´s my job to bring great artists to ccmixter :) Would the ARPA allow you to upload songs on CC?

Dub Fx: I am not really shure about this, i have to inform. If there will be such a situation, i´ll go my own way and then run for cover.

Christian: At this time you are touring through Europa. How many people come to your shows? And when you visit Germany?

Dub FX
Foto: Shuvayev
Lizenz: cc-by-nc-nd

Dub Fx: I´m from August to September in Germany. I don´t make a lot "right" ("formal") shows, i love it act on the street. It sounds crazy, but I prefer interpersonal contact i´ll get on street while selling my musik instead of staying on a big stage far away from my listeners. I like it when peple come to me, shake hands and say "thank you". This is what i prefer to. I don´t have a plan to become a celebrity. I want to be famous and respected, instead of being a celebrity and exploited.

Christian: I don´t think it sounds crazy. I like street-musicians. There are some who annoy me but people who make really good music are a n enrichment for streetlife.

Dub Fx: There are good and not so good ones, like good and bad books. I think i have luck, because there is not so much competition on street. I think I won´t have chance by mainstream-media, kommerzial Radiostations or MTV. And i really sure about this, because i tried for years and years. Since i choosed to make my own thing where and at what time i want, the people listen to me.


Who seems to be interested in it now, can take a look around at YouTube. Really edvisable is a video of a performance of Dub Fx and Mr. Woodnote. Apart from a little mistake (so you really know it´s live) is this one (http://youtube.com/watch?v=8F6EoMdn95E) also edvisable. It´s really cool that Dub Fx mixes song-wishes and other music-tracks (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=soGLt1RC-r4).

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Dub Fx interview @ musik.klarmachen-zum-aendern.de

This month we have an artist again who earns his money with an alternative business. He is a street musician.
When we go through how often his videos on YouTube were watched, he has to be one of the famoust musicians in the world… His Style is so...